Jail Industries


The latest data available indicates that throughout the United States, more than 3,200 jail facilities were distributed among 2,860 jail jurisdictions. [Beck 2006]  Virtually every jail has an inmate work program of some kind.  Whether the program is a traditional kitchen worker model or fully developed food factory training and employment model, the result is the same; providing inmates the opportunity to develop skills that make them employable upon release.  The better we train and prepare each inmate for reentry to our communities, the more successful they will be and the safer we all will be.

Do not let anyone tell you that jails are not in the business of reentry.  Jails release 18+ offenders back to the community for every prison release.  “The national discussion on offender reentry has focused primarily on individuals returning to the community from prisons, with relatively little attention given to the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding those reentering the community from jails. Yet there is a need for an innovative, collaborative, data-driven approach to jail transition.” Assembling the Jail Reentry Puzzle, Jesse Jannetta – AMERICANJails, September/October 2009

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