Mattresses/Mattress Materials Buyers Guide Listing

Bruin Plastics Company Inc.
Phone: (401) 568-3081

Bruin Plastics manufactures a diverse line of vinyl reinforced fabrics ideally suited for mattress ticking, high visibility safety vests, banners, protective covers, gym mats, as well as custom fabrics to meet our customer’s specific needs.  Bruin has been a supporter of … Continue reading

Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc.
Phone: (724) 537-9000 ext. 265

Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. manufactures CR SAFGUARD® fire-resistant cushioning for high-risk facility mattresses and pillows. This unrivaled fire-resistance is compliant with detention mattress fire tests listed in ASTM F 1085 Annex A3 and ASTM F 1870 and avoids the dangerous … Continue reading

DAF Products Inc.
Phone: (201) 251-1222

DAF Products, Inc. is a design originator and high quality manufacturer of Flexible Laminated Films and Various Coated Fabrics. Product applications include: mattresses, pads, cushions, pillows, shower/privacy curtains, cart covers, protective covers, tents and structures, and many more. Our versatile … Continue reading

Fibrix LLC
Phone: (336) 210-3391

Manufacturer polyester products for institutional mattresses/furniture (cores/insulator pad/foam & cotton replacement/pillow batting/cushion wrap).  Our thermal bonded products eliminate need for additional FR components thereby reducing cost.  100% polyester attributes include:  excellent air circulation, mildew resistance, recyclable, hypoallergenic, inherently fire retardant … Continue reading

Herculite Products, Inc.
Phone: (800) 772-0036

Herculite is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of the #1 selling healthcare fabric – Sure-Chek. Sure-Chek healthcare applications include healthcare mattresses and pillows, operating room and stretcher cushioning, seating systems, cubical and shower curtains and correctional mattresses.