Contact Information:
Contact: Clay Cox, National Accounts Manager
Phone: (317) 923-3211 ext. 3700. (800) 776-7149 ext. 3700
Address: 2920 Dr. Andrew J. Brown Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46205

BHC has been providing a complete line of janitorial products and services to the Correctional Industries for approximately 25 years.  We furnish our products to Correctional Industries as concentrates or components that are then manufactured to a finished product, then packaged, labeled and put in shipping container(s) utilizing inmate labor.  In some cases, purchase of finished product under our BHC label is resold as a “pass-through.”  BHC offers full support with regard to assisting you in initial start-up or assisting you in increasing your sales and profits.  We offer templates of MSDS’s, labels, and literature copy.  Our Regulatory Affairs department provides guidance and direction with regard to EPA matters.  Our QC lab assists you with quality checks.  BHC also offers production assistance regarding equipment needs, area layout and general production matters.  Our sales department will relate product knowledge, product demonstrations, and sales presentation to your sales team.  This includes making joint sales calls to help you acquire new customers and grow old ones. Please contact Clay Cox, National Accounts Manager, with any questions via e-mail, or phone 317-923-3211 x3700.