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CI Video and Studies Library
The library below provides access to studies and videos produced by our member agencies. Study topics include recidivism, economic impact, cost/benefit and state-specific reports.

Arizona Correctional Industries – Florence Metal Shop
Arizona Correctional Industries – Perryville Print Shop
Arizona Correctional Industries – Wild Horse and Burro Program
CALPIA and CDCR Introduce California Employers to Correctional Industries
CALPIA Offenders to Get Jobs as Programmers
CALPIA Overview
CALPIA YouTube Channel
Future Construction Workers at Folsom Women’s Facility
Illinois Correctional Industries: Connecting Skills to Careers
Illinois Correctional Industries: Ex-Offender Says Prison Gave Him a Second Chance
Illinois Correctional Industries: Inmates Contribute to a Cleaner, More Beautiful State Fair
Illinois Correctional Industries: Offender Interviews at Danville Correctional Center
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Illinois Correctional Industries: Rehabilitating Lives
Iowa Prison Industries Video
Maine – No Idle Hands
Maryland Correctional Enterprises: Who We Are
Maryland Correctional Enterprises: Hope for the Future
North Carolina Correction Enterprises: The Correction Enterprises Story 
North Carolina Correction Enterprises: The Hidden Workforce
North Carolina Correction Enterprises: License Tag Production
Serving Time: A Short Documentary on Utah Correctional Industries’ Serving Time Cafe
Strafford County Jail Industries Video
UNICOR Offender Testimonials
UNICOR Second Chances Video
Utah Correctional Industries
Washington State CI: Reentry Video – Soft Skills
Washington State CI: Reentry Video – Vocational Education


Why Work While Incarcerated? Inmate Perceptions on Prison Industries Employment
Washington State Correctional Industries: an Outcome Evaluation of its Effect on Institutional Behavior, Employment, and Recidivism
Assessment of the “Making It Work” Program
Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Re-entry: Recidivism & Post release
Reentry and Prison Work Programs (Bushway)
Offender Reentry: Correctional Statistics, Reintegration into the Community, and Recidivism
Prison Work Program (Corcan) Participation: Post-release Employment and Recidivism
Assessing the Impact of Prison Industries on Post-Release Employment and Recidivism of Florida Inmates
Iowa Private Sector Prison Employment Works
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Recidivism Report 2013
Does Participation in Washington’s Correctional Industries Increase Employment and Reduce Recidivism 
UNICOR’s Post Release Employment Project (PREP) Study

Economic Impact
Arizona Correctional Industries Indirect Impact Study (FY 2016)
CALPIA Economic Impact Study (FY2012 – 2013)

Cost Benefit Studies:
Iowa Department of Corrections Return on Investment: Evidence-Based Options to Improve Outcomes
Results First Report for Oregon Department of Corrections
Washington State CI – What Works and What Does Not? Benefit-Cost Findings from WSIPP (February 2015)

State Reports
California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) Career Technical Education (CTE) program
California Prison Industry Authority Report to the Legislature FISCAL YEAR 2014-2015
Iowa Corrections: What Works
Iowa Ex-Offender Survey Results 07-2010
UNICOR 80th Anniversary Publication
UNICOR Socio-Economic Impact – The Straight Facts
Washington State CI 2016 Fact Sheet
Washington State CI Overview

Workers with Criminal Records: A Survey by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Charles Koch Institute
More Resources for Correctional Industries