NCIA’s membership and its publication audience is comprised of federal, state, and local directors of Correctional Industry (CI) programs, as well as work program supervisors, managers and line staff – in other words, the people who influence and control CI spending! Is your target market Correctional Industries decision-makers? NCIA advertisers and corporate members enjoy many networking opportunities with these Correctional Industry decision-makers through our annual conference, quarterly newsletter, annual directory and online presence.
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  • The Conference Planning Guide is NCIA’s largest marketing piece of the year—the Planning Guide is sent to NCIA’s entire membership, along with prospective conference attendees, to be used as a reference and planning tool for NCIA’s National Training Conference. This is an excellent publication to be a part of for maximum pre-conference exposure.
    2020 Conference Planning Guide Contract
  • NCIA News is the premier publication of the National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA). It is also the only newsletter specifically designed to keep Correctional Industries professionals informed about best practices and emerging technologies. Published quarterly, NCIA News is distributed both electronically and in hard copy format to NCIA members worldwide. Its diverse distribution presents an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable name recognition throughout the unique Correctional Industries community.
    2019 NCIA News Advertising Contract
  • As the “Yellow Pages of Correctional Industries,” the annual NCIA Directory & Buyers’ Guide is an indispensable reference tool in the field. Correctional industries professionals consider the Directory THE resource for information sharing and networking with one another in the field. Published annually, the NCIA Directory & Buyers’ Guide is a resource tool with an extended shelf life. Used by Correctional Industries professionals at every level, your ads and listings will be seen daily by the decision-makers who control CI spending. The Buyers’ Guide offers advertisers an unbeatable opportunity to catch the eye of industry professionals as they research vital statistics all year round. Your organization can gain maximum exposure to your target audience by placing an ad in the Directory AND a listing in the extensive Buyers’ Guide of products and services.
    2020 Directory Advertising Contract 
    2020 Buyers’ Guide Contract
  • The Conference Program Book is distributed to every conference participant upon registration. It serves as the main source of information regarding conference schedules, exhibit booth locations and exhibit hall hours, keynote speakers, workshop presenters, and industry tours. Program books are often kept as souvenirs of the conference for years later.
    2020 Program Book Contract
  • Online and E-Brief advertising are powerful and cost-effective tools to get your company name in front of the decision makers in Correctional Industries. An online ad will garner your company name recognition and visibility every time a CI professional accesses the NCIA website.  Or, have your name dropped directly in our member’s mailbox’s and reserve your ad space in our upcoming member E-Brief! We only have three slots available for the member E-Briefs that are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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