Award Recipients

NCIA 2019 Award Recipients

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 |  6:45pm – 9:30pm
The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Every year, NCIA makes a special effort to acknowledge individuals whose extraordinary skill and leadership in their respective programs improve Correctional Industries as a whole. Join your fellow CI professionals in recognizing the 2019 award winners for all their hard work and celebrate their achievements at the NCIA Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to this year’s NCIA award winners! Click here to read the national award recipients’ full nominations. 

  • Rodli Award: Michael Moore (LA)
  • Performance Excellence Award: Utah Correctional Industries
  • National Staff Award: Ashley Lohr (MD)
  • Staff Award, Western Region: Rusty Bechtold (CA)
  • Staff Award, Central Region: Dennis Knudtson (MN)
  • Staff Award, Northeast Region: Ashley Lohr (MD)
  • Staff Award, Southeast Region: Stephen Palmese (VA)
  • Staff Award, South Central Region: Lela Pennington (AR)

Honor Roll

  • Central
    Hope Grangruth (FPI)
    Bryan Gregg (IN)
    James Paul Hendrix (OH)
    Craig Hilpipre (IA)
    Dennis Knudtson (MN)
    Margret Leisinger (MI)
    Robin Zills (WI)
  • South Central
    Danny Benn (MO)
    Kellie Bernhardt (FPI)
    Julie Betts (NE)
    Melaine Curry (LA)
    Ernest Harmon (TX)
    Lela Pennington (AR)
  • Southeast
    Randy Fisher (FL)
    Mikesha Ford (GA)
    Jeremiah Mohr (FPI)
    Stephen Palmese (VA)
    Robert Portis (NC)
    Mark Smitherman (AL)
    Joseph Woods (KY)
    Jeffrey Younger (TN)
  • West
    Rusty Bechtold (CA)
    Jeff Bromley (MT)
    David Day (ID)
    Clark DesSoye (AZ)
    John Dukett (FPI)
    Pat Gacke (SD)
    Michael Kezeor (OR)
    Cody Strickland (UT)
  • Northeast
    Ashley Lohr (MD)
    Mariela Salinas (CT)
    Kimberly Rose Scott (RI)