NCIA Corporate Members

The National Correctional Industries Association is proud to recognize its corporate and corporate plus members. All corporate member classes are automatically members of the NCIA Corporate Relations Committee. The Corporate Relations Committee selects its own chair, and the chair automatically holds a seat on the NCIA National Board of Directors to represent the voice of the corporate membership.

LD Hay is currently serving as the NCIA Corporate Relations Committee Chair on the NCIA Board of Directors.

If you would like to contact LD, he can be reached at Union Supply Group, 2301 East Pacifica Place Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 or via e-mail

NEW Corporate Reentry Partners.

CRP pngThis program highlights NCIA Corporate Members who support NCIA’s reentry mission. To be recognized in this new program, please take the following survey.


Green Suppliers.

The Green Supplier Program highlights Corporate and Corporate Plus Members who supply green products and/or services. To be recognized, please complete the following survey


Corporate Plus Members: The highest level of NCIA’s membership for all companies and commercial organizations.
PLUS 3M 651-737-7696
PLUS A.C. Furniture Co. Inc. 276-650-3356
PLUS Avalon Eyewear Inc 201-784-3377 x1206
PLUS CRP1 Bay Product  303-962-6770
PLUS CRP1 BHC, Inc. – Brulin 317-923-3211
PLUS Braun, Inc. 315-475-3123
PLUS   Burch 616-698-2800
PLUS CAPRI Optics/Welling Eyewear 800-221-3544
PLUS  Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. 724-537-9000 ext. 265
PLUS   CorrectPac 800-289-7725
PLUS Dauphin 800-631-1186
PLUS Henderson Sewing Machine Co., Inc. 800-824-5113
PLUS Indiana Chair Frame 336-622-0121
PLUS Intellectual Technology, INC. 260 459-8800
PLUS Interstate Narrow Fabrics, Inc.
PLUS   J. Tech Sales, A Maroon Group LLC Company  561-995-0070
PLUS   John R. Wald Company 814-643-3908
PLUS   Keefe Group 800-325-8998
PLUS   Mayer Fabrics, Inc. 317-267-2626
PLUS   OEI 920-468-2788
PLUS Plascon Inc. 231-935-1580
PLUS Quality Metals, Inc. 651-645-5875
PLUS Safety Vision 713-929-1044
PLUS SanMar 206-727-3200
PLUS Standing Inovation 844-746-3375
PLUS   SyMed Corporation 707-255-3300
PLUS CRP1 Union Supply Group 310-603-8899
PLUS VF Workwear 615-565-5000
Corporate Members: NCIA’s membership for all companies and commercial organizations.
CORP ActiveLED, Inc. 512-288-9080
CORP Altex Solutions Group, LLC 251-504-4125
CORP 704-951-2338
CORP Aptan Corporation 213-748-5271
CORP Atlantic Coast Cotton 703-753-7000 ext. 9304
CORP Avery Dennison 1-877-214-0909
CORP Bob Barker Co. 919-552-3431 ext. 704
CORP Boom Recycling LLC 704-616-7630
CORP Bruin Plastics Company, Inc. 800-556-7764
CORP Burlington Industries 336-379-2698
CORP California Chair, A CoMotion LLC Company 714-944-4796
CORP CA Specialities, Ltd. 803-581-5800
CORP C.F. Stinson, LLC 800-841-6279
CORP ChemTick Coated Fabrics, Inc. 516-997-0900
CORP Coats North America 704-617-8530
CORP Correctional Technology Representatives, LLC 770-380-3756
CORP Corrections Funnel 503-508-5375
CORP Coville, Inc. 336-759-0115
CORP DAF Products, Inc. 800-228-9837
CORP   Douglass Industries, Inc. 609-965-6030
CORP Dunlap Industries, Inc. 800-251-7214
CORP Dutch Design Ltd. 
CORP Epilog Laser
CORP   Ergonomic Comfort Design, Inc. 951-277-1558
CORP Fabric Supply, Inc. 612-588-0715
CORP Fibrix 800-888-4136
CORP Fulterer USA, Inc. 410-551-1102
CORP Global Shop Solutions 281-681-1959
CORP Grimco
CORP Groz-Beckert USA, Inc. 800-438-4567
CORP Hart Specialties, Inc. 800-221-6966
CORP Herculite Products, Inc. 800-772-0036
CORP Hickory Brand, Inc.
CORP  CRP1 Industrial Shredders
CORP Ivars USA 920-459-0704
CORP Lectra 770-422-8050
CORP MDSolutions 614-873-2222
CORP Milliken 864-503-2966
CORP   Momentum Group 949-833-8886
CORP New England Woodcraft 802-247-8211
CORP New York Weltex 917-678-8311
CORP  CRP1 Nightingale Corporation 800-363-8954
CORP NORIX Group, Inc. 630-231-1331
CORP Orafol Americas Inc. 860-676-7100
CORP Parisian Knitting Mills LTD. 514-457-2115
CORP   Pellerin Milnor 504-712-7656
CORP PPG Truefinish® Industrial Coatings 866-PPG-TRUE
CORP Rochford Supply 763-447-6604
CORP Securus Technologies, Inc 972-277-0597
CORP ShopBot Tools, Inc 888 680-4466
CORP Spec-Tex, Inc. 954-796-7641
CORP Sunburst Chemicals 952-884-3144
CORP Tabb Textile Inc. 334-745-6762
CORP United Fabrics, Inc. 856-665-2040
CORP Unitex Direct, Inc. 248-360-9661 ext. 236
CORP University Loft Company 317-866-5704
CORP UTSCH 440-358-9488
CORP VIA Seating 800-433-6614
CORP   VIRCO, Inc. 678-463-6581