NCIA offers e-training in the form of Webinars to Correctional & Jail Industries professionals. The target audience for these Webinars is shop supervisors, foremen and other plant level or operations staff. The Webinar format allows these employees to participate in educational workshops and seminars via the Internet (therefore, no travel costs are involved and minimal time away from the shop).  Participants see a video presentation (normally a PowerPoint Presentation) and listen to audio of the presenter(s). Additionally, participants are able to ask questions and receive answers from the presenter(s). Webinars last about an hour (45 minutes of presentation with a 15 minute question & answer period).

This educational program has already been a tremendous success and NCIA is rolling out several Webinars during the year.

Upcoming Webinars:

December 2013: Green Products & Recycling

March 2014: Industry Trends – Engaging Your DOC and Media in Your Mission

June 2014: PIECP/Business Development

September 2014: Metal Products

December 2014: Reentry